Constitution of the Order of the White Scarf

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Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra

A. Establishment of the Award

a. There shall exist in Ansteorra an order into which the Crown shall induct persons who have demonstrated all of the following qualities:

i. Exceptional skill and chivalry in combat with weapons of the duello

ii. Service to Ansteorra and its people

iii. Knowledge of the courtly graces

iv. Obedience to the laws and ideals of Ansteorra and of the Society for Creative Anachronism

b. This order shall be known as the Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra, hereinafter referred to as the Order.

c. Companions of the Order shall be entitled to place the initials “WSA” after their names to designate their membership in the Order, and to be styled and announced in procession as “Companion of the Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra.”

d. It shall be recognized tradition in Ansteorra to address members of the Order as “Don” or “Doña.”

B. Arms and Precedence

a. The Order shall carry with it, at the pleasure of the Crown, a Grant of Arms. Companions of the Order shall take precedence after all nobility and peerage and before simple Grants of Rank. The Orders of the White Scarf, Star of Merit, Iris of Merit, Centurions of the Sable Star, Arc d’Or, and Golden Lance of Ansteorra are held to be of equal precedence.

b. If membership in the Order is bestowed upon a person who is already higher in precedence than stated above, then his or her precedence shall remain unchanged.

c. If membership in the Order is bestowed upon a person who does not already hold equal or higher precedence, then his or her precedence shall date from his or her elevation to the Order.

C. Investiture in the Order

a. Companions shall be inducted into the Order at the discretion of the Crown, after consultation with the Order.

b. The selection of a companion of the Order shall be publicly proclaimed by the Crown in open court.

c. Persons being selected must be present to be inducted into the Order.

D. Membership in the Order

a. The number of companions to the Order shall not be limited.

b. Companions of the Order shall retain their membership in the Order despite any change in residence.

c. Companions of the Order shall have the duty to advise the Crown on the advancement of candidates for membership

d. Companions of the Order shall be polled by the Crown for the elevation of prospective candidates into the Order.

E. Principals of the Order

a. The King and Queen of Ansteorra shall be the Principals of the Order.

b. Principals of the Order shall share all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership in the Order.

F. Insignia of the Order

a. The badge of the Order shall be Sable, on a pale argent between two rapiers, guards to center, proper, in chief a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable.

b. Companions of the Order shall be entitled to wear a white scarf about the left shoulder or above the left elbow.

G. Creation and Revisions

a. Created as a Principality order by Tessa and Simonn, Princess and Prince of Ansteorra, under Willow de Wisp and Jonathon DeLaufyson Macebearer, Queen and King of Atenveldt, XIII (1979).

b. Revised by Joselyn Allyne Reynard and Lloyd von Eaker, XIV (1979).

c. Revised by Karlanna of Applecross Woods and Seamus of the Cats, January XXII (1988)

d. Revised by Athena Mawrcan Derwen Ddu and Inman MacMoore, June 21, XXIX (1994).

e. Revised by Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode and Duncan Arthur Ross the Black on January 7, Anno Societatis XXXVI, being 2002 Anno Domini.

f. Revised by Julia de Montoya and Patrick Michael Gordonne, September 28 XXXVII (2002).

g. Revised by Britta MacGregor and Aaron MacGregor, August XXXXI (2006).

The White Scarf Oath

Back in AS 35 and 36, the White Scarves put together an oath to be used by the group at Coronation. Here's the text:

I promise upon my faith and my sacred honor to be loyal to the Queen and King of Ansteorra; to defend the Crown and Kingdom against all malefactors and invaders; to command in such defense all those who owe me service; to give true counsel; and to give freely of my skills as soldier, scholar and courtier; for the benefit of the Kingdom. I swear this oath in good faith and without deceit.

Thereto I pledge to support and aid my Companions in keeping this oath.

So say I (in fealty) __________________________________

(That last line gives us the option to swear fealty to a particular Crown, without requiring it of everybody.)