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Being a list of other interesting SCA or rapier-related websites.

Darkwood Armory Arguably the best SCA rapier gear on the market today.

Castille Armory Another good source.

Zen Warrior, Fencing and rapier gear.

American Fencers' Armoury More fencing and rapier gear.

Rapier blades used in the SCA A collection of pictures and information about lots of SCA rapier blades, plus other interesting SCA stuff.

[http://www.destreza.us/ Spanish Swordplay by Don Pachomius Oneshoe and Dona Gabriela Maria D'Avila (Puck and Mary Curtis.)

The Raymond J. Lord Collection Scans of historical combat manuals, starting with Manciolino's Opera Nova in 1531, and going through the 17th century.

De Arte Athletica by Paul Mair. This is a gorgeously illustrated two-volume manual of arms from the 1540s, with everything from foot-versus mounted combat (vol. 2, page 337) to rapiers (vol. 2, page 111) to scythes (vol. 1, page 204.) The text is in Latin, but even if you don't read Latin, the pictures alone are worth the trip.

The Tower Fechtbuch (also known as I-33.) This is the oldest extant book on swordplay. Note that in several of the images, one of the combatants is a woman.

The Trayn'd Bandes a group that re-creates the the civil and military lives of Elizabethan and Jacobean citizen-soldiers, the families, and those who lived around them.

Academie Duello A grop based out of Vancouver.

Shield and Weapon Weights an article from Cariadoc's Miscellany.

King Rene's Tournament Book An English translation.

Stefan's Florilegium An amazing collection, including articles by SCA folks, quotes from from the Rialto (rec.org.sca) before it dried up, and from various email lists.