Junior Scientists and Experimental Archaeologists

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In SCA rapier, a Junior Scientist is someone who uses their academic or technical knowledge to test various questions about things like armor strength or blade behavior without the benefit of an actual laboratory. Typically their experiments are done in the living room or garage, using available materials.

An experimental archaeologist is someone who attempts to re-create historical artifacts using known or hypothesized historic techniques, rather than modern tools or methods.

Here are reports on some of their work:

The Machine

Combat Anatomy or "If that was a real blade, what would it have done to you?"

A Treatise Concerning Leg Wounds By Don Aubrey de Baudricort and Joachim van der Haus

The Touch-kill Question Why "If you feel it, call it." isn't necessarily correct.

Testing lighter armor Is it possible to reduce the number of fabric layers in SCA rapier armor and still maintain safety?

Schlager Penetration Tests By Don Robin of Gilwell

East Kingdom Armor Punch Tests by Don Dylan ap Maelgwn and Don Thomas de Castellan

Destroying Masks By Fergus MacRae, and a team of Junior Scientists from the East Kingdom.

Historic blade weights and balance points Comparing measurements of a number of historic weapons.

Smashing PVC Testing the durability of PVC pipe as an SCA rapier scabbard used for parrying, under various conditions.