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Welcome to Moondragon Manor online

"This could be fun if it was done right."

This website is primarily concerned with rapier fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronism. If you've just wandered in to get out of the rain, and are totally confused, you can find some basic information about the SCA here and some introductory information about rapier fighting here and here.

For everybody else, think of this as a concentrated version of sitting around my living room and talking about rapier combat and the SCA. Herein you will find various articles:

A History of Rapier Combat in the SCA

Constitution of the Order of the White Scarf

A Brief History of the White Scarf

The White Scarf Treaty

What is a Don? compiled by Don Robin of Gilwell

Rapier Combat and the Society for Creative Anachronism

Guardian of the Gauntlet

Junior Scientists and Experimental Archaeologists

The Moondragon Manual of Rapier Combat

A Distilled DiGrassi

Basic Field Marshalling

Quick and Dirty Trunk Hose

To Make a Scabbard for an SCA Rapier

To make a Square Target In the Style of Marozzo or DiGrassi

Tourney Ideas


Cadet Pranks

Bardic stuff

Known World Academy of the Rapier: This is an SCA-wide teaching event, primarily for rapier fighting, but it may also include classes on other combat techniques, such as German Longsword. This year's KWAR was scheduled to be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on April 17-20, 2020, but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 problems.

Here's a [chronology] of all the KWARs.

Fellow Travellers Being a collection of links to other SCA or rapier-related websites.

Rapier Rules across the SCA

Original SCA Rapier Rules

The Rules by Tivar Moondragon