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In June of AS 12 (1977), Duke Andrew of Seldom Rest, who was Society Marshal at the time issued these rules. Since they were not approved by the Board, and since rapier combat itself existed in something of a nebulous state, neither officially approved or banned, there is some question as to their validity. (On the other hand, things were much looser in those days, and these rules were taken as official by the folks practicing rapier at the time.)


As many of you have expressed a desire to see and/or participate in fencing within the Society and as a few of you have shown by your expression that there is a desire for safe conduct of such activities, the following regulations shall be enforced whenever and wherever fencing takes place at any official SCA event:

Fencing shall be monitored by Marshals whose main objective will be to protect the public, and, when necessary, the combatants from preventable injuries.


  • Mask….A three-weapon mask is strongly recommended. Some form of throat and neck protection must be provided.
  • Gauntlets….On any hand held forward from the body, must entirely cover the sleeve opening of any garment worn, including slashes, wrist laces, etc.
  • Coat or Doublet….Modern fencing jackets are acceptable, though authentic garb looks much better.
  • Cups or Breast Protectors….Are strongly recommended, depending on the gender of the combatant.


  • No rough edges which may cause a laceration of an opponent.
  • Shall conform to a single gradual curve. Blades showing double curvature or sharp bends will be disallowed.
  • All tips/buttons will be marked with bright colors so that their presence or absence will be readily recognized.
  • Cross hilts must not extend unreasonably beyond the bell and must be rounded on the ends.
  • Splinterable materials shall not be used in the construction of any weapon (exception: Grips, Rattan Daggers, etc.)


  • Medieval fencing was done in the round, as will we.
  • All blows will be scored as if from a real weapon of the type used against unarmored opponents.
  • Hacking or whipping will not be allowed. Any such peformance will result in immediate removal from the Lists.
  • Right-of-way shall be given in the weapons style as it applies in modern fence.

Andrew of Seldom Rest

Marshal, SCA Inc.