A Chronology of the Known World Academies of the Rapier

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The Known World Academy of the Rapier is an SCA-wide teaching event focused on rapier combat and associated subjects. Classes may include traditional rapier combat techniques, experimental combat techniques using blunt steel swords, clothing and culture of the period, or anything else they can recruit teachers for.

  1. Hosted by the Middle Kingdom, in Chicago, April AS XXVIII (1994.)
  2. Hosted by Atenveldt, in Phoenix, April AS XXIX (1995.)
  3. Hosted by Ansteorra, in Dallas, October AS XXXI (1996.)
  4. Hosted by the East Kingdom, in western Massachusetts, May AS XXXII (1997.)
  5. Hosted by An Tir, in Portland OR, November AS XXXIII (1998.)
  6. Hosted by Atlantia, in Charleston SC, November AS XXXIV (1999.)
  7. Hosted by Artemesia in Salt Lake City, September of AS XXXV (2000.)
  8. Hosted by the Middle Kingdom, in Chicago, October of AS XXXVI (2001.)
  9. Hosted by Atenveldt in Phoenix, October of AS XXXVII (2002.)
  10. Hosted by the Outlands, in Denver, October of AS XXXVIII (2003.)
  11. Hosted by Ansteorra, in Austin, October of AS XXXIX (2004.)
  12. Hosted by Atlantia in Baltimore, November of AS XXXX (2005.)
  13. Hosted by Caid, in Los Angeles, September of AS XLI (2006.)
  14. Hosted by Northshield in Minneapolis, November/December of AS XLII (2007.)
  15. Hosted by the Middle Kingdom, in Cincinnati, November of AS XLIII (2008.)
  16. Hosted by the East Kingdom, in Philadelphia, October of AS XLIV (2009.)
  17. Hosted by the Middle kingdom in Chicago, November of AS XLVII (2012.)
  18. Hosted by the Middle Kingdom in Chicago, November of AS L (2015.)