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Ansteorran Cadets have a history of pulling off some rather amusing and elaborate pranks on their Dons from time to time. Here are some of them.

The Great Bedevilment

At the Queen's Champion for Arrowyn III, the Cadets pulled off what came to be known as the Great Bedevilment. Presents were given to all the Dons--I received a set of black-and-red baby clothes, because AEthelyan was expecting our first child at that point; Don Donald (who was about to move to Hawaii) received a fighting-legal aloha shirt, Don Durmast (who is commonly called Dormouse) had a set of mouse ears, nose, whiskers and tail attached to his mask; Dona Gwenllian (a noted horsewoman) received a stick-horse, etc.

The second part of the Great Bedevilment was the following song, bu then-cadet Alden Pharamond. Each verse was about a specific Don, and at the end of the verse, alden would hand the Don a 3 x 5 card, with the text of the verse on one side and "Date, Time, Place and Choice of Weapons" on the reverse. Here's mine:

Cest Toi card.JPG

The Don Cards

The cadets put together a set of cards, similar to baseball cards for all the White Scarves. They were completely irreverent and full of in-jokes. This is the first set.

Front Cover
Inside Front Cover
1. Tivar Moondragon
2. Luigino di Donate
3. David Gallowglass
4. Christian Richard Dupre
5. Robin of Gilwell
6. Hans Duerremast von der Wanderlust
7. Sigmund the Wingfooted
8. Robert Simon Fraser
9. Iolo FitzOwen
10. Dominic Sentre
11. Jeremy James Scurlock
12. Alaric Greythorn of Glen Mor
13. Eldric de Charbonneau
14. Gwenllina Gwalch Gaeaf
15. Donald Armstrong
16. Matthias von Rheinfels

Work in progress, the rest should be posted tomorrow.

The Mastodons

These are pictures from their most recent prank: They got a batch of stuffed mastodons, and decorated them appropriately for all the Master- (and Mistress) Dons who were at Queen's Champion in May of AS XLVI (2011.)

All the Mastodons
Tivar's Mastodon
Showing my black-and-red trunkhose.

Robin's Mastodon

Robin of Gilwell's moustache is famous (or pehaps notorious is a better word, since it was once used as an excuse to start an inter-baronial war.) It's even displayed on his coat of arms.

Simonn's Mastodon
Eule's Mastodon
Robert's Mastodon
Don Robert has a very nice set of red leather boots.

Gwenneth's Mastodon
Ansgar's Mastodon
Some years back, it was noticed that Don Ansgar bears a disturbing resemblance to General Zod from the 1980 movie Superman II.

Modius's Mastodon
Don Modius is famous for only wearing black and white, including a rather impressive feathered hat.

Duncan Hepburn's Mastodon
Don Duncan is currently the Baron of The Steppes in Ansteorra. Part of the barony's device is an oak tree, hence the squirrels.

Iago's Mastodon
Conal's Mastodon