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Welcome to Moondragon Manor online

Think of this as a concentrated version of sitting around my living room and talking about rapier combat and the SCA. Herein you will find articles about various aspects of SCA rapier combat, including:

A History of Rapier Combat in the SCA

Constitution of the Order of the White Scarf

A Brief History of the White Scarf

The White Scarf Treaty

What is a Don? compiled by Don Robin of Gilwell

Rapier Combat and the Society for Creative Anachronism

Junior Scientists and Experimental Archaeologists

The Moondragon Manual of Rapier Combat

A Distilled DiGrassi

Combat Anatomy or "What Would You Do if That Was a Real Sword?"

Testing lighter armor

The Touch-kill Question Why "If you feel it, call it." isn't necessarily correct.

Basic Field Marshalling

Quick and Dirty Trunk Hose

To make a Square Target In the Style of Marozzo or DiGrassi

The Machine


Bardic stuff

Fellow Travellers Being a collection of links to other SCA or rapier-related websites.

Rapier Rules across the SCA

Original SCA Rapier Rules

The Rules by Tivar Moondragon