The White Scarf Treaty

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Treaty as of AS XXIX

We, the Crowns of the Kingdoms of Ansteorra, the Outlands, Trimaris, Atenveldt, and An Tir do by these letters publish and proclaim our intent to create an order in our kingdoms to be known as the Order of the White Scarf. Further, we do mutually recognize that this order shall be chartered in our own kingdoms as custom allows. We pledge to honor the styles and precedence as shall be established by charter and to allow and encourage those of our royal cousins who may wish, to establish this order in their own kingdoms. By this document, we command our heralds to present the title and badges of this order to the College of Arms, that it may be registered to the titularies of our kingdoms. Done by our hands, on this, the [N] day of March, anno societatis XXIX, being 1995 Gregorianis, at [event].

(Note that this is an older treaty text. Since it was written, Atlantia, Caid, AEthelmearc, Artemesia, Lochac and Northshield have also joined the Treaty, and the West Kingdom has set up a separate, but essentially identical order, the Western White Scarf.)